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This website shows the ACTUAL POLICE AND COURT DOCUMENTS regarding the criminal record of Richard Joseph Woldow, writer of "The Silent Majority" in the former Free Press and Gazette each week, and owner of the Quakertown Farmer's Market.  These are not falsified documents.  They were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act from the Evanston, Illinois Police Department and from the Court of Cook County, Illinois and the Court of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


January 28, 2010

OSHA fine linked to Q-Mart worker's death

The Q-Mart was fined for workplace violations in Earl Yerkes' death, but Woldow tries to shift the blame

on Yerkes himself!  Read the article.  This man will accept blame for nothing--but what do you expect from a

convicted child molester, stalker, and peeping tom.  He doesn't not have the capacity for telling the truth.


We have just received an email that was sent out by Woldow looking for a replacement for Earle Yerkes,

his long-time employed maintenance supervisor who dedicated his life to the Quakertown Farmer's Market.

Earle tragically passed away on June 27, 2009, but less than 4.5 hours later, Woldow is already looking for

a replacement...while Earle's body was still warm!  Woldow didn't mind that the replacement be either Republican or Democrat!

For the love of God, this poor man just died and he's politicizing it!  What a sick bastard!!!!

THIS is what Richard Woldow, the greedy, convicted child molester, thinks about his employees and the people of Quakertown!

We are just "things" or "commodities" to him.  He doesn't give a damn about ANYONE but himself.

Link to WFMZ article and Woldow's VILE email

In response to Woldow's July 30, 2009 column,

online at and in print in The Gazette...

Amy Zowniriw is NOT The Lone Gunman!

Richard, if you are reading this, the Zowniriw's have

every right to sue you for libel now.  Your LIES have

come back to haunt you and your libel is in two forms--

electronic and in print.

Your chickens have come home to roost!

Woldow was here March 5, 2007:

One of your customers has created a website of fictitious documents intended to defame me, using my name as the website,
and using a photograph lifted from my own website, without my permission. The offending website in question is

My own website, where the picture was taken from, is I ask that the site you are hosting be closed, or, at least have the picture removed.

Thank you very much.

Richard Woldow

Richard:  We hear you and are sympathetic.  We urge you to use a function on your website to prevent leeching, which is to say, make the files,
especially the pictures unlinkable.  Your web hosting company can help you with this, probably for free.  It will prevent your picture or other
content from being inserted on other web pages via an html link.

NEWS UPDATE:  August 19, 2009

We've just obtained Woldow's voting record since he was registered in 1997.  It seems that he doesn't practice

what he preaches about getting out to re-elect his personally endorsed political hacks.

Richard J. Woldow has only voted 36% of the time in the last 12 years!

LINK: Woldow's Voting Record

NEWS UPDATE:  July 9, 2009

It appears that Woldow has done the unthinkable as an editor:  He has altered a news story so

that it dovetails nicely with his weekly attack column on the QCSD.

The July 2nd issue of The Gazette has Randy Kraft's article, which was NOT titled by Randy:

"Andrejko issues edict to keep student achievements out of one newspaper"

ties in very nicely with Woldow's weekly hate column entitled:

"'Revenge of the Superintendent' hurts students, community"

In an email that Randy had sent to Woldow, Andrejko, and some School Board members, he came out to defend

what HE had written, and what was altered to change the balance of his article.  He was obviously upset as this

article now appears to fit in quite nicely with Woldow's column.  Randy's email can be downloaded here at the link below

and viewed on Topix in its entirety:  There were no alterations made to the email.  You may also leave your own comments

on Topix as you don't have to log in or create a screen name.  Just go to the "Link to Topix website" below.

Woldow's column for July 2nd can be viewed in the archives section of his website.

Link to downloadable copy

Link to Topix website

Randy Kraft's article as it appeared in The Gazette

This is supposed to be a community newspaper.  Since QCSD parents won't

be reading about their kids' achievements, why pick it up?


You are urged to read and freely distribute these downloadable files:

Protection from Abuse Orders

Arrest Report for Disorderly Conduct

(1) Motion for Discovery (People of Illinois v. Richard Woldow)

(2) Motion for Discovery (People of Illinois v. Richard Woldow)

Richard Woldow's $10,000 Bail Bond

Documentation of Woldow's Accused "Indecent Liberties with a Minor"

Memorandum of Court Orders

Richard Woldow's Guilty Plea to Contribution to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor

Arrest Report for Crime of Indecent Liberties with a Minor

Court Document Outlining Slander/Libel Claim (Woldow v. NBC, et al.)

(1) Peeping Tom Reported

(2) Peeping Tom Reported

(3) Peeping Tom Reported

(4) Peeping Tom Reported

Probation Documentation re: Richard Woldow

Prowler Reported

(1) Suspicious Person Reported

(2) Suspicious Person Reported

There have been packets with this same information sent around to various people in the area over the last few years, yet they are being called "fabrications" and even "an alleged brush with the law."  "Brush" with the law?   (This statement was from the Richland Township Community Police Liaison Board which is composed of ordinary citizens AND Richland's Police Chief!  They were shown these same documents and yet they call it 'alleged!' Link to Community/Police Liaison Board meeting minutes from 5/23/06 ]

Richard Woldow pled GUILTY to "contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor" and various instances of "disorderly conduct" for being a Peeping Tom and a prowler and government officials of Richland Township, namely Rick Orloff, have been trying to hide, or at least trivialize it for years.

This man has been causing strife and turmoil in our area for the last five years because he is fiercely protecting his interest and profits to be made from the sale of his land behind the Quakertown Farmer's Market, the Q-Mart, to Greenway Development who will be constructing "Front Gate," an 'age-restricted' community of 402 mid-rise condominiums in 13 buildings, and a small shopping center behind the Q-Mart.  The condos are to sell for approximately $250,000 each, valuing the complex at over $100,000,000, yes, that's 100 million dollars! 

He, along with Wayne Rosen of Greenway (who made political contributions to the QCSD Reform Party last year), stand to make a windfall profit on this venture.  Once this is complete, you will most likely see a 'For Sale' sign on the Q-Mart as Woldow will have gotten what he wanted out of us and he'll leave the Quakertown area with his millions, all the while leaving US to deal with his mess for DECADES.

A Brief History of the Situation

Woldow needed certain events to happen to make "Front Gate" a reality.  He needed, or should we say USED QCSD and Richland Township to accomplish his goals.

First he needed the "Age-Qualified Overlay District" to encompass his property.  The only way to make this happen was to have Richland implement this plan, known Ordinance 209 in Richland.  "Mr. [Rick] Orloff stated that he helped conceive the ordinance with a specific project in mind." (Link to Richland Township BOS meeting minutes 1/24/05 ).  In return for Orloff's help, Woldow has been bad-mouthing ANYONE and ANYTHING who opposes Orloff's political power and any of his interests (including QCSD).

Once this was in place he needed QCSD's help by 'making them an offer they couldn't refuse' by selling a portion of his property to the District so they could construct the new Strayer Middle School, thus allowing access to the land-locked "Front Gate" parcel. 

By having the District extend Ronald Reagan Drive to the railroad tracks, Woldow now has a way to access his new development and soon we will see the "Quakertown Bypass" become a reality.  It will allow traffic to flow, nearly uninterrupted from route 309 at the Giant/Lowe's Shopping Center, through the circle at Station Road, through another Circle where Ronald Reagan Drive will meet Station Road, past both Strayer Middle School and Richland Elementary School, Academy Place, and out to 313.

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